Monday, July 14, 2008

Take Down

So you are enjoying a rather fun time with family. Hamburgers are on the grill, everyone is sitting around talking when all of a sudden BAM! Your supposedly kind, loving sister runs by and smacks you on the butt. What is the next step? 

Of course my first thought is to be the mature one in the situation and ignore her request for attention. (Okay, those of you who know me know that my real first thought is revenge, but we'll stick to the mature thing for now.) Let's say you ignore the feisty sister, but then she comes towards you, waving her hands around like she is really get you. What on earth should you do?


You've got to restrain her! But how does one restrain another without hurting themself or the "attacker"? That is where our dear friend B comes in. B has professional experience dealing with out of control people like the aforementioned sister. We thought that he might be a little reluctant to teach us, so we lured him over a couple of weeks ago for a "BBQ" and bullied him into teaching us some mad take down skills.

Surprisingly you can use the technique with little force and if your "attacker" doesn't fight it, they won't get hurt either. We won't go into the details because we don't want to encourage trying this move without face to face professional instruction, but this is what the process looks like:

So the next time you are thinking about approaching any one of us on the street, beware. We are prepared to take you down (especially if you come at us really slowly and make your arm really easy to grab and go along with our take down move).

Thanks to B for going along with our quest to learn new things. Hopefully next time he'll teach us how to handcuff someone.

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PleaseRecycle said...

I've got to learn this! You're right Anita- I DO want to use this on my boss!!!