Thursday, January 1, 2009


I am happy to say that with the new year comes a new post! To all of our die hard fans out there who have been anxiously awaiting the next chapter in our quest to learn new things, thank you for your patience. It's not that we haven't learned anything since summer, it's just that other parts of life kind of stepped in and took us away from our blogging duties. That said, it is such a pleasure to be back with the latest lesson: hitting balls at the driving range.

Meet Danny. Many moons ago, when this blog came to be, Danny graciously offered to give me some tips on hitting balls, as in golf balls, at a golf course. Truth is, I have golf clubs that I got a while back. I have played a miniscule amount, but often times I find myself getting a bit frustrated and wanting to throw in the golf towel, and head to the nearest cafe for a hot cup of tea.  I have always enjoyed the outside part of golf though, and given the sunny Tuesday we were recently graced with, I was actually excited to get to the driving range from a little fresh air.

Danny provided me with some important tips:

1. Choke down on my club.
2. Keep my head down.

He also provided me with advice that really matches my golf philosophy:

"Have some confidence. It's only golf, it's just a game."


So, my golf swing is surely still in need of some great adjustments, but overall, our lesson was fun and I look forward to playing a par 3 sometime soon.


Justin said...

Strangely, I looked at your blog probably literally moments before you posted this . . . glad to see this! You should bring your clubs to San Ramon and we could hit a few on the driving range.

salsita said...

Sounds good! Let's get Lauren out too. I insist on a homemade full serving of fruit cocktail afterwards as well!

Daniel said...

We should have got more pictures!

Nice article Anita!

nea said...

WOW! yay, new post! you have some catching up to do!