Sunday, May 18, 2008

A lazy Sunday....

We are embarking on a journey of discovery. We realized not long ago that we know a lot of great people that know a lot of great things. We also realized that we know nothing.

Okay, so that is not exactly true. Between the three of us we can analyze storm water runoff for EPA compliance, salsa dance well into the night, and insert IUDs with ease. But let's be realistic, that's only the very tip of the iceberg. Just thinking about our immediate family we realized that there is so much to learn.

Thus, we have decided to embark on a journey to learn 100 new things. Of course we have set up a few rules:
1. One of our teachers each year must be under 8 years old.
2. One of our teachers each year must at least 80 years old.
3. We must learn at least 2 things a month. Only one of us has to be present at a learning session so long that the person blogs about their experience.
4. Each person can teach us no more than 3 things.
Suggestions are welcome! So let us know what you can teach us...we're waiting.


djrawman said...

Let's get this party started.

Ever get in a rut? Have to do something, er, not so compelling?

When I get stuck, I create. I reorganize. I change the game. This helps me get things done, when I've done them many times before, and I'm not so enthused about them.

For example, I had to do these things called "School Board Notes" - survey the teachers about what each class is learning K-8th grade, and report them back to the school board. Done it many times before. Hard to initiate the task...

...and I thought, what if I interviewed the kids - a kid in each grade? And I even chose the kids I wanted to interview - I wanted a good variety, not just all the "good kids" who are known to speak well. I wanted the everyday kid.

Teachers were helpful in coordinating times and releasing the students. Students were helpful in videoing each other while I asked questions like "What's really cool that you learned this year in x grade? Explain what's cool about it?" and "How have you grown up this year? What can you do now that you couldn't before? How are you a better person?"

I edited the raw footage and arranged it in an order which I felt told a story. When I showed it to the school board, I got all teary-eyed.

salsita said...

I'd love to see it! You'll have to show us sometime! So, do you think you could meet with us sometime and make this into a "practical"?