Sunday, June 15, 2008

My name is L-I, L-I...

So, what was that old rhyme really about anyway? And what exactly do you call that hand clapping routine that goes along with it? I am willing to bet that most people (especially ladies) around my age can recall the words to My Name is L-I, L-I, Chickali, chickali...although I am coming to find that there are some variations by region and age. For example the youngest of us three seems to recall something random thing being in the rhyme, and the older, wiser ones recall something about someone named Lester? Or was it Vester? 

Anyhow, these "clapping songs" have been around a  long, long time and they seem to mutate every year. How do they have anything to do with our blog? Well, yesterday I was sitting around with my cousin's daughter, Bianca, at a birthday party. Now, the majority of the people at the party were adults, so it was no surprise that after a little while Bianca turned to me with that kid complaint, "I'm bored!!!!!" 

Of course when a child speaks these words, they expect the adults around them to so something about it, and this time I obliged. I told her about our little blog and asked here if she could teach me something. Her first idea sounded really cool...something about judo pandas?? Unfortunately it required either an actual video game or Internet access, neither of which we had at our disposal. So, the most promising idea was to learn a new hand clapping song that went something like:

"Lemonade, crunchy ice.
Beat it once, beat it twice
Lemonade, crunchy ice.
Beat it once, beat it twice
Turn around, touch the ground

And of course, at the end you freeze as long as you can while trying somehow to make your partner move. There was another variation of the rhyme that included "kick your boyfriend out of town", but I prefer to stick to the non-controversial versions. After that, no more talk of being bored! Okay, at least for 1 good solid hour, no bored-talk. Then, I got to do something really special: teach Bianca how to skip. We had a great time and I was proud of my 5 (almost 6) year old teacher.